NFTs Might Be the Future of Blogging

Blockchain technology may redefine how writers make money online.

Emmarie Hodge
6 min readApr 17, 2021


A writer selling their NFT article on the blockchain
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

We’ve heard a lot about the blockchain and cryptocurrency over the last few years, and recently there has been a new trend: NFTs.

NFTs are “non-fungible tokens” and they’re essentially a digital contract identifying ownership over a digital item. Most NFTs that people have heard about is digital art sold to buyers for the prestige of it.

This is a confusing and somewhat ludicrous phenomena. Most who are old enough to understand and afford NFTs remember a time when piracy was standard on the internet. You didn’t stream music, you downloaded it illegally.

Currency on the blockchain is one thing in an era of online shopping, but NFTs? Almost incomprehensible, and for that reason the news and social media is dumbfounded over the astronomical sales of some NFTs.

Who can blame them. After all, if something’s digital, than it can be easily copied, right?

The Allure of Future Value

Despite the fact it’s easy to duplicate a digital item and redistribute it, people are buying NFTs. Like cryptocurrency early on, there are buyers who see a future for a currency of stored, decentralized value.

Right now NFTs are more proof of concept than anything else, but cryptocurrency used to function that way too. Now cryptocurrency is acting more like a global currency and it’s becoming integrated into economies across the world.

But of all the arguments I’ve seen for or against cryptocurrency, the potential of copyright enforcement hasn’t been adequately emphasized.

In a decentralized, global network it’ll be easier for creatives to retain ownership of their work and grant permissions for use.

And that’s exactly how future bloggers are going to make money.

Bloggers Face Infringement All the Time

I’ve seen a lot of bloggers across the web grieve about the infringement of their work. A plagiarist steals their articles and republishes them on another website which they then monetize.



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